What makes Tutto Pasta different?

  • All pasta and sauces are made on premises, eliminating the need for preservatives and other additives
  • We use only the finest ingredients and every product that is used in our pasta and sauces are displayed in the store; for items not suitable to display the purveyor will be identified
  • Only certified San Marzano or locally grown tomatoes are used in our sauces along with organic ingredients whenever possible
  • We make flat pasta all done by hand right in front of you; the process of making extruded pastas (penne, rigatoni, etc…) are denser, done by machine and may leave one with a “heavy feeling” after consuming
  • To maintain quality and freshness, pasta and sauces are made in small batches throughout the week
  • We use time to cook our sauces, not additives to thicken them, and our pastas are completely handmade, including our ravioli and agnolotti.
  • All products not sold will be donated to local food banks
  • Environmentally sensitive, plastic and boxed containers will be made from recycled and biodegradable materials are used for packaging
  • We can educate our customers about our products and help plan delicious and healthful meals that they can enjoy often

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